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Cienfuegos, La Perla del sur – Gustav Kastrup Nielsen

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Cienfuegos, La Perla del sur

Cienfuegos, La Perla del sur

On the 12th I took a taxi from Trinidad to Cienfuegos. He recommended that we’d take a trip through the mountains and “El Nicho” a beautiful waterfall in the mountains. In a 20 year old daewoo we went trough the mountains, on terrible roads. My driver showed me different plantations along the way, the radio was playing Phil Collins and the like. I had a swim in one of the waterfalls pools before continuing our trip to Cienfuegos. 3 hours with a private driver 55 CUC not so bad.

Cienfuegos is by the Cubans called the pearl of the south, and is a beautiful old colonial city, with strong French architectural influence. I stayed for two nights with this lovely couple, and shared a room with three other travellers.

The first night I went to a local Cuban bar and to Terry’s for some Cuban live music and dancing. I was asked out by a Cuban and she totally ran me over with her dancing moves.

Next day was beach day and the weather was lovely. I went with my roommates to Playa Rancho Luna a beautiful beach with palm trees, and clear water. Got me a good sunburn on the back and went back for dinner. At night we went to a local cabaret at “Costasur”, after the cabaret ended it turned into a party for the guests. A beer was 1.25 and a bottle of rum was 3.75 CUC.

Next day I had my ride back to Havana, before moving on to Mexico.

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