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Viva Mexico, Mérida and around – Gustav Kastrup Nielsen

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Viva Mexico, Mérida and around

Viva Mexico, Mérida and around

On the 17th I had my flight from Havana to Cancùn in Mexico. I was picked up by a 1951 Chevrolet Deluxe a good way to leave Cuba.

The flight was only 1 hour and 15 minutes. And I was delighted to be at a place a bit more similar to home. I decided to go directly to Mérida right away, I took a bus and just made it in time to get some food at a McDonald’s before leaving. The bus was perfect, great seats, A/C and movies, which was perfect for the 4 hour ride.

I got to the hostel and was invited to participate in a salsa class, and after that food with 4 others. The next day I wandered around town, a beautiful town, with lots of small Mayan shops, but not really a lot to do. I had lunch a nice taco place “Wayan’e”, cheap and good. Back at the hostel I relaxed for a while and was joined by a German guy, we hung out at the pool and I had a Cuban cigar and a beer, and then a nap. In the evening we went out for dinner at “La Negrita” and then for some salsa at a local bar with live reggaeton music.. I am starting to like it 🙂

We rented a car next day and went for a couple of cenotes outside of town. Cenotes are sinkholes with ground water, really clear and quite warm. Next we went to see the Mayan ruins in Uxmal an amazing sight with not many tourist and great weather. After three nights of sightseeing and salsa dancing and a few mezcals (Tequila made from pure agave), I was tired and ready to move on. Me and my German friend Tim, went on the bus to Valladolid the next day. Gustav out

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