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Valladolid and Bacalar – Gustav Kastrup Nielsen

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Valladolid and Bacalar

Valladolid and Bacalar

We came early to our hostel in Valladolid which is only 1,5 hours from Mérida. A lovely little town with not much to do besides Mayan ruins and cenotes. Our hostel “The Candelaria” was amazing, quiet and with a nice garden outback with kitchen, hammocks and areas to chill. We went around town got lunch at the local market (tacos for 10 pesos ~ 3kr) and bought groceries to cook tacos and guacamole. A Dutch girl joined us and we had a nice Mexican dinner in the garden at the hostel and some beers.

Next day we went to “Chichén Itza” one of the seven world wonders, a large Mayan ruins complex, with a ton of tourists and merchandise shops. Impressed but kind of fed up with the tourists and Mayan temples, we went for a swim in a cenotes in town. I did a backward head jump from 5m and halfway landed on my belly for everyone’s pleasure – that’s what you get for being a ‘show off’!

Some of our fellow travellers from Mérida joined us the next day, and the others went to see another Mayan ruin, I decided to stay in town and chill for a bit, which included some hours in the hammock with a book. Later in the afternoon I biked a cenote “Oxmann” with a Dutch girl from the hostel, a nice place, after a swim we managed to get a few minutes of afternoon sun before going back to town. Back home we cooked a big dinner with empanadas and salad.

We left for Bacalar after a ride to two other cenotes “X’keken” and “Samula”. The bus ride was 3,5 hours with the bus, and we came late to our hostel “Green Monkey Hostal”. Everything by lake Bacalar is pretty chill, everyone is lying in the sun, hammocks, kayaking in the lake and so on. Lake Bacalar is called the lakes of 7 colours, because of its cenotes and varying bottom.

The picture in at the top, is the sunrise from our palapa at the hostel, simply stunning.

There wasn’t much to do here, and you weren’t supposed to, so we ended up chilling there for two days. We did go out in the kayak for a couple of hours.

Gustav out.

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