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Tulúm – Gustav Kastrup Nielsen

An analog guy in a digital world



So having heard so much good about Tulum from other travellers I had to go check it out. The city is located just few kilometres from the ocean, and the beach is also a nature park. Our hostel was a step up from the dirty place in Bacalar but really quiet and empty. I went for a walk in the city and bought a snorkel and a mask, the town is very touristy and placed along a highway, but filled with good restaurants and bars. At night I went to another hostel “The weary traveler” were they had free caipirinhas between 19-20. I met a guy from New Zealand which I met earlier in Mérida. One night there was a flamenco show really weird.

Nightlife in Tulum is on, there is a lot of people and a lot of bars and discos. If you are a high roller you will go to some of the beach discos where entry price is $50-100 USD, we chose the more regular bars. Weed and cocaine however was not in short supply, everywhere you were approached by dealers. Our bar “Bateys” were a busy place with live music and an old VW Beetle inside, which housed a sugarcane grinder. The sugarcane juice (jugo de cañas) were used in the cocktails along with fruits of the season.

Beach days were unavoidable, with some of the best beaches in the world right in front of the Caribbean. We spent two days at the beach and at night we went out. We moved to the “The weary traveler” hostel and had some nice days with our new found friends at the hostel.

One night we went out to see a Mexican wrestling show, that turned out to be quite a show. There was a poster on every street light in Tulum advertising for the wrestling show at 17. We went there at 17, but the show was not ready and we were told that it would begin at 19, but that we could buy the tickets in advance and save 50%. At 19 we went back but nothing was ready, were told that the promoter of the two wrestlers had taken the money and left, so now the two wrestlers were stuck in Tulum without money to go back. At 20.30 we went back again and the show was on, but not on a stage just on the floor on a mat and only for 25 mins it was however quite an experience 🙂

My last day in Tulum I was a little hungover from the night before and after trying to rent a car where the rental company tried to hustle people, I gave up and went back to relax at the hostel. At night I took a free yoga class at the hostel and a salsa lesson.

I left Tulum in a rented car from another place, a VW Gol which looked exactly like a polo. I went to the famous Tulum ruins, which besides the tourist crowds were quite beautiful. Next I headed north to the cave system “Dos ojos” to a cenote called “Sac Actun” also known as the pet cemetery because of the multiple findings of animal bones in the cave. I had a guided tour around the cave in the water with goggles and snorkel, a real treat located 7 km in the jungle.

Next stop “Akumal”, a small beach town between Tulum and Playa del Carmen. Akumal is known for its sea turtles which vacate the area, and the possibility to snorkel the reef and see all sorts of underwater life. I saw two turtles and a pretty big stingray which scared the shit out of me, along which a ton of fish in varies colours.

Last stop Playa del Carmen, a party town with lots of fancy hotels. I dropped off the car and went to the harbour to take the ferry to Cozumel, which proved to be the most shaky boat trip in my life, but I enjoyed the trip.

Gustav out.

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