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Isla Holbox – Gustav Kastrup Nielsen

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Isla Holbox

Isla Holbox

My journey to Isla Holbox was one of those days where everything went wrong. Bedbugs in the morning in Playa del Carmen, very little sleep and still hungover, trying to take care of all my things I missed the busses to Holbox and had to wait until 18.30 and the shuttle driver missed the ferry in Chiquila, so I was at the hostel at 22.00. Going to bed in my private room to have some sort of luxury I thought that tomorrow could only get better and luckily it did 🙂

Holbox is the a small but rather long island in the northern part of yucatan. It is an eco island and there is very few cars, instead the usual means of transportation is by golf carts. The island hasn’t allowed any big resort chains or similar to enter the island, which leaves it a little pearl compared to some of the other islands around yucatan.

I woke up well rested and headed down for breakfast. Who ever thought the bees were extinct haven’t been to Holbox, especially the small packages with maple syrup was massively swarmed by bees. Besides the bees the breakfast was great and the location in the sun next to the pool was perfect. I had decided to spend some days in Holbox just relaxing, and the weather was perfect for that. I had a Cohiba and a beer in the hammock, and read for a few hours, then I took a stroll by the beach and went along the beach to a beach called “Punta Coco”, a beautiful and untouched beach perfect to see the sunset from.

The next day my friend Dan, a crazy New Zealand guy, whom I was supposed to meet up with in Playa came to Holbox. We chilled for a couple of days and went to a isolated beach far from the town “Punto Mosquito” with a German girl. The walk was long, like really long, and we chose to walk during the midday sun. When we got there we really weren’t impressed, it was isolated but not anything special compared to the other beaches around and also the fact that it took us 2,5 hours to to get there. The beach was untouched and a lot of the walks had to be done by the water.

The days at Holbox was mostly just relaxing, going to the beach, eating tacos and guacamole, drinking margaritas and beers. The hostel “Che” did differ not themes at night, pizza night, Argentinian BBQ and paella night which was ridiculously cheap and some of them all you can eat in combination with the happy hour afterwards it was always a good party starter. On the last night on Holbox, I was out till late considering I had an early morning ferry at 6.30, and from Chiquila a shuttle to Cancun airport for my flight to Gautemala City. I decided to spare myself the hassle of a 20 hour bus ride down through yucatan, through Belize into Guatemala.

I woke up after 2-3 hours of sleep, packed my stuff and found another bedbug in my bed.. Fuck. My thoughts started circling about maybe just changing the flight to go back to Denmark, I ended up not deciding anything since my state of no sleep and a hangover might not be the best time deciding anything after all. In the airport I instead used the opportunity to try out my new shiny vip lounge pass for a bit of comfort.

Next up Guatemala, Hasta luego Mexico!

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