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Adios, hasta luego!

Adios, hasta luego!

Sitting in Frankfurt and waiting for my plane to Havana. A trip that takes around 11 hours, so I will be there around 21.00 (Cuban time), which will then be 3.00 in Denmark.

The first three nights is booked at a Casa particulare in the center of Havana. The casa particulares are like bed and breakfasts, and is a way for the Cuban people to earn a bit more money, than the government pays (communism).

I think the first few days will be about climatizing to the environment having a look around Havana. I am especially looking forward to the first mojito or Cuba libre and a good cigar 🙂

I plan on spending 3-4 weeks on Cuba and then maybe moving on to either Central America or straight to Colombia. That is if I haven’t become bored with traveling alone 😉



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