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First days in Havana

First days in Havana

Havana… where to begin?!

As soon as I landed I was approached by two German girls, after some debate we came to some agreement with a cab driver who then took us to Havana.

We checked in at our casa and went for a beer down the street. At this point my inner clock had been running for 24 hours so I was beyond tired. We found a small bar/hole in the wall, and drank two beers, while sitting there I was approached by a young Cuban guy who introduced his sister, and little later asked if I was looking for a chica.. Flattering or gross I really couldn’t decide at that point. I gently declined and returned to my casa for some well deserved sleep.

On the first day I walked around Havana Vieja (old town) and the harbour with my new German companion. We had a great lunch at a terrace, I had for starters pulpo (octopus) with mango and onion sauce, and for main course ropa vieja which is like pulled beef with peppers and malanga purée – nice traditional Cuban food accompanied by a local brewed beer.

In the evening I met up with Vietnamese guy from the hostel, two Germans and a girl from Croatia at Bar Monserrate, a nice place with live music.

My Croatian friend invited me to go see the Hemingway museum, which is located just outside Havana. A nice place with a view over the city. Ernest that bad ass, had a nice pool, a boat, a cock fighting ring, a tennis and a baseball court, beside writing his famous books and swirling way too much whisky.

Back in Havana, we went for lunch and a walk and had drive in a 1957 Chevrolet Belair Convertible, on a trip to the famous Hotel El Nacional, where the celebrities and the mob resided back in the days. Here I hang out in the bar and got me a bit of online time.

Cold baths, water outages, no toilet paper or soap was everyday life a the hostal centro del mundo, and tired of the chaos, mess and pollution in Havana, I booked a taxi collectivo to Viñales the following day.

To be continued.

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