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Chicken truck to Trinidad – Gustav Kastrup Nielsen

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Chicken truck to Trinidad

Chicken truck to Trinidad

On the 9th I took the taxi collectivo from Viñales to Trinidad. And old 1950s truck pulls up, we drive around Viñales to pickup people for more than an hour (Cuban efficiency). Finally leaving Viñales with 14 people in the truck, we drive for 4 hours with no suspension at all on the lovely and worn Cuban autopista.

Outside Havana we are making a stop to change cars, another truck to Trinidad with 18 people. The second part of this horrendous trip took another 6,5 hours, I felt like a refugee.

By coincidence my Brazilian friend and a German are also with the truck, so we booked a place together in Trinidad.

Trinidad is an old colonial city which experienced enormous wealth during the slave period, where Spanish Inquisitioners where producing rum and sugar from sugarcane plantations on Cuba. The city I positioned 5 km from the Caribbean and is built on a hillside. It’s old colonial style houses and cobblestone roads makes it a real pearl among the Cuban cities.

On the town square “Plaza Mayor” people are gathering for cheap cocktails, Cuban music and WiFi.

The first day in Trinidad I went on a walking tour with the Brazilian girl and a Swiss guy, we pretty quickly ended up deciding to go to the nearby beach “Playa Ancon” instead since the weather was beautiful. We stayed there to see the sunset and was picked up by a local taxi driver who took us there.

At Juanitas casa where I was staying, were also a Norwegian/British couple, and we decided to go out and visit a bar located in a cave in the mountain “Disco Ayala”. On the town square we started out with 1,5 CUC cocktails (Cuba libre, piña colada and mojitos). A lot of other backpackers we’ve met other places in Cuba was also there, we all left for the cave.

A lot of people were queuing up at this old drip stone cave, where a modern disco had been built, an excellent and popular club, with reggaeton music and extremely high humidity.

A great night, and I was back at the casa 3.30.

On the last day in Trinidad I walked around town, got a massage and took a cab to see the old “Valle los Ingenios” which was where the wealthiest sugar families were living. In the evening I had one of the best meals I’ve had in Cuba at “La Botija”, I had a salad and grilled pork, pineapple and shrimps.

Gustav out.

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